Remembering Johnny Cash

I posted the tribute picture of Johnny Cash on Friday, but I had to say a few words about the man. If you ask people what music they like a common response is, “everything except country.” Every time I respond with, “except Johnny Cash, right?” and they always agree. The guy transcended everyone’s preconceived ideas of what music they liked by creating an image everyone admired. His music is fantastic, but you don’t just like Johnny Cash’s songs, you like Johnny Cash. He did everything and even gained younger fans this year with his MTV nominated cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you have to. I spoke about it once last March.

At this week’s open mic at the Tree House, everyone is strongly encouraged to play Johhny Cash covers.

John Ritter and Johnny Cash would probably never get lumped together for any kind of discussion other than for dying on the same day. I used to watch “Three’s Company” reruns as a kid and I certainly remember liking the show. My tribute graphic had to include him just for the odd fact that it represented every conversation I had Friday.

“Hey Johnny Cash died.”
“Really? That’s terrible.”
“Yeah, John Ritter died too from some heart condition.”
“The guy from Three’s Company? Didn’t he have a new show?”
“Yeah, he was only 54.”

I had that conversation 16 times on Friday.