Beck Recording New Album with the Dust Brothers

Is someone trying to make life awesome for me? I just read over at Pitchfork that Beck is recording a new album with the Dust Brothers, who of course were responsible for alot of the sound on Odelay and the Beastie Boys’ classic, Paul’s Boutique. Beck will probably continue alternating rock and folk albums and follow up last year’s Sea Change with a rock album. The real question is whether Beck will revert back to his odd, incoherent lyrics or will be continue portraying the sincere, straightforward Beck from Sea Change.

According to his official website, Beck is returning to the studio next week to start on a new record with Odelay collaborators The Dust Brothers. Although a recent Rolling Stone report stated that the follow-up to last year’s Sea Change would be dominated by “aggressive” and “loud” guitar sounds, it appears their reporter might have read a little too much between the lines. “[Beck] hasn’t decided exactly what it will be yet or what it will [or] will not include from previously recorded material,” Beck webmeister Truck posted recently to the singer’s official bulletin board. “That [Rolling Stone] article doesn’t really represent what he wants the record to be… he didn’t know that’s what the focus of the article was going to be. You can look forward to his own assessment in his own words soon.”

Odelay is still my favorite Beck album, but I know plenty of people who prefer Sea Change and Midnight Vultures.