Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House

I was shocked to see 30+ people at the Tree House when I arrived at 7:15PM. Members from Urban Promise were all hanging out there together having a good time. We even started early, because of the huge crowd. They were a terrific audience and I hope they come back every week.

Keith Lewis took a bunch of pictures and I posted some of the better ones. On to the performers!

1. Jarrod Schafer – He hosts the Christian open mic on Thursdays and Sundays. Jarrod played two originals and Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Thanks for going on early for me.

2. Leo – During his introduction I said, “Up next is Collingswood’s classic guitar hero, Leo!” I didn’t realize that rhymed until just now.

3. Deanna Robinson – A girl who came out to play the violin for us. Not many people her age have the guts to get up in front of a crowd, but she did it. Stick with it!

4. Garth – Formerly known as “dogwallet,” Garth’s songs are even shorter than mine. I love short songs.

5. Ssaarraahh AAlleennnn – The crowd went nuts after her first song. Let’s hear some more originals!

6. Cynthia – She said she was intrigued by one of my songs. Thanks.

7. Eric and Mike – These guys are in need of a band name so when I introduce them I can say, “Next up playing some fantastic Celtic classics, it’s ….” instead of “Hey here’s Eric and Mike. Please clap.” These are my suggestions:

1. The Celtic Tacks
2. Son of a Banshee
3. The Eiring Aids
4. The Quiet Men
5. The Shamrockers
6. The Green Sardines

Ok I have no idea why they’d want to be called the Green Sardines, but feel free to use any of the ideas I gave you. Everyone else should offer suggestions in the comments.

8. Bob Michel – I can’t remember if this guy ever came before, but he sounded familiar. Great voice.

9. Buddy – I saw Buddy’s name on the list and I thought, “Hmmm… I’ll have to figure out who this guy is.” After a quick scan of the room I saw a gentleman with the name “Buddy” printed across his hat. It doesn’t get easier than that. Buddy’s poems were social, political, and littered with icons. In contrast to younger poets, I didn’t hear anything about personal issues or tragedies. It was all big picture stuff and I completely enjoyed them.

10. Willie Tapps – His guitar sounded awesome last night. It was his birthday a few days ago, so you’re too late if you wanted to wish him a happy one.

11. John Shaughnessy – I was glad to see him play again, since he hasn’t been around in a while. He jammed with Sarah Allen for a song and then played a couple covers originals. John claims he used to cover the Pixies’s “Here Comes Your Man” and he better start practicing it so he can play it again.

12. Anthony – He has a CD coming out pretty soon. I had to mic his guitar, but it sounded good. Some guitarists sound better miked up.

13. Mark – Brought up Chris on bass for a song and then did some Chilli Peppers’s tunes and “When I Come Around” by Green Day. He wanted some distortion so I turned up the gain a little on the sound board and lowered the mix. It was definitely distorted, but didn’t sound all that great. When Mark played “When I Come Around” he kept throwing in little improvisations between chord transitions that cracked me up.

14. Mike – He wore an Early November shirt, so I asked him about the band (I talked about them earlier). He mentioned his band, Finding Westerly, might go on tour with them soon. Hopefully the band brings a first aid kit along, because Mike tripped over the monitor, knocked over my guitar, and busted his lip wide open on his guitar. Some ice and paper towels prevented the stage from looking like a crime scene, but anyone who didn’t see the fall might have thought he was doing an Gene Simmons impression.

15. Adrien Reju – Her band is playing the Moorestown Family Fun Day this Saturday at 11:30AM. I got her to play one of my favorites, “Was it Candlelight.” The song is sad, but not tragic. It’s more of a “what if?” kind of sad. She also played “Two Sounds,” which I like a lot, and another new song whose name I lost or never had. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

16. Ben Garvey – I sound checked with Beck’s “Lord Only Knows.” I’ve been checking with this song every week for a while now and I think I’m going to have to get a new song. Any suggestions? At the end of the night I played “The Genius of it All” and “Mr. Grieves” in honor of the Pixies getting back together. Ever since yesterday I’ve been paranoid that it will turn out to be untrue. I hope I didn’t jinx it.


7 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House”

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    psh…that last one I did was an original…but I swear to god I will start writing more when I get into the swing of things at “the good old colls”.

  2. Sorry! Let us know when you’re playing an original. Many times I don’t recognize your covers immediately, so it’s hard to tell.

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    For the record, my last 2 songs were originals, too. Thanks for posting Keith’s pics (and thanks to Keith!)
    John S.

  4. That “next of kin” song is yours? I thought I had heard that before… nice job then.

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    yep, thnx

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    hey, I thought Jarrod played a Refrshments song, then Blackbird by the beatless… or was I so tired I heard wrong… the short songs I played were Secret Agent Man- Johhny Rivers, The Letter-The Box Tops, California Dreaming-Mamas And The Papas(with Blue Oyster Cults-Don’t Fear The Reaper and Suzanne Vega’s Left Of Center thrown in to confuse, ailenate and annoy… I guess its a medley…) As soon as I started playing I realized I should have some coffee BEFORE I played… how about a johhny cash warren zevon pixies tribute night? garthwallet

  7. Yes all those artists will be welcome, as well as the Three’s Company theme song.