Thinking Hard about Mr Softee

Where do you think Mr Softee’s brain is? Is it where a normal person’s brain would be or is it in the custard? My guess is that his brain is in the normal place, because the custard would be too cold to keep his brain functioning.

So the next question is what is the custard for? My guess is that the custard on Mr Softee’s head is purely for show.


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    Now I don’t feel so stupid for the questions that I usually ask of people. 😉

    Btw, I had and still have no idea who Mr. Softee is. I still don’t know who “he” is because I did a search on Google for Mr. Softee and found a) a Mr. Softee website that was very uninformative and b) a website titled “Mr. Softee — Adult Sex Toys”. So I now have little to no interest in learning more about him. But I’m understanding more why he has that grin on his face.

    Would you really call it custard? Isn’t it ice cream?

  2. Oops… I should probably log in before I post. Although “Anonymous” has a much nicer ring to it than “jen smith13”.

  3. I’m pretty sure Mr Softee sells soft-serve ice cream, which around here they call custard. I don’t know if that’s accurate. Mr Softee is an ice cream truch franchise out of Philadelphia, but they claim to be the largest in the country.

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    Are they really based out of Phiadelphia? I remember in NYC growing up that there was this Mr. Softee truck that used to ride around in Brooklyn and the guys in it would sell the “$11 Cone”…ie – you pick up a sack of weed and an ice cream cone to conceal it. They got busted, but I guess if you’re gonna get high, you might as well have an ice cream cone…

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    I don’t think mr. softee has a brain, I’d like to think that the custard runs from the top down to his softee toes… oh look!, cows!

  6. So your theory is that he is some sort of reanimated ice cream zombie controlled by an outside source? Interesting…

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    I’ve been thinking more about this, and I’ve come to this conclusion…the ice cream whisp atop his cone face IS his brain. So when you eat a Mr. Softee, you’re eating cold, creamy brains. Kind of like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    If you get an evil Softee, you have to beware because you’ll ingest all of his evil thoughts and become evil yourself.


  8. What happens when you eat ice cream too fast…?

    That’s right.

    Your brain hurts.

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    That’s because Mr. Softee’ brain is attempting to take over your brain. Its essentially bum-rushing your brain because you’re eating so fast, and your indigenious brain doesn’t have time to mount a proper defense.


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    Mr. Softee’s brain is overclocked, so the ice cream is necessary to keep it from overheating. He’s actually the smartest person alive, us normal humans with brain temperatures of 98 degrees can’t compete with this frozen marvel of genetic engineering.

  11. So the custard is coolant for his high powered brain. Very possible.