Ticketmaster Sucks Part 2 – $1000 Tickets?

I doubt anyone is surprised at the latest Ticketmaster scheme. Tickets for a typical sold out show are routinely found on ebay for many times their face value. A quick check on ebay confirms this practice and now Ticketmaster wants to get their hand in. They may start auctioning their best seats off instead of selling them at a flat rate.

Why should I disagree with this? If the market will bear higher ticket prices, why is it wrong for Ticketmaster to charge whatever they can? It’s because Ticketmaster is a monopoly and can set their own prices within a certain range. Ticketmaster’s price is the service charge and shipping cost for each ticket, which for me has been as high as 60% of the ticket’s face value. Without competition they have no incentive to lower their prices and venues seem uninterested in Ticketmaster alternatives.

Ultimately, bands should be held responsible for the ridiculous prices they charge for shows. Some bands, like Pearl Jam and the String Cheese Incident have sued Ticketmaster with little success.

All this and I’m still going to see the White Stripes on the 23rd for $41. Please hit me.