Open Mic Tonight

You know you’re just dying to try out the new and improved online signup form for tonight’s open mic at the Tree House in Collingswood, NJ. As usual, the show starts at 8:00PM.

So far we have the following signed up:

Sairy Allen
ray mcgeehan
Pat Hipp
Roz King

There’s a good chance we could see Willie Tapps as well. See you tonight!


6 responses to “Open Mic Tonight”

  1.  Avatar

    I would totally sign up tonight, but I have to do some mad painting in my apartment before Saturday’s party. Have a blast! I’ll try to make it out next week.

    ~ Adrien

  2. Yeah, you guys have all those out-of-reach spots to finish.

  3.  Avatar

    hipp does need his head examined whacker

  4. He’ll have to wait for the Psychiatry open mic on Monday night.

  5. That’s not pepperoni–that’s VD!

  6. That should’ve been under Roz’s post. Dammit