Creepy Bank Robbery

I hope the guy responsible for this gets cooked. Brian Wells, an pizza deliveryman from Erie, was forced to rob a bank when someone attached a bomb to his neck.

State troopers arrested Brian Wells shortly after he robbed a bank outside the town of Erie in Pennsylvania last Thursday. He told the officers that he had been forced to rob the bank and that he was wearing a bomb that was fixed to the metal collar.

Officers sent for the bomb squad but before they could arrive the device exploded, killing Mr Wells. Police had been standing at a distance and no one else was hurt. “I don’t have a lot of time,” Mr Wells had said, his final words to police captured on video.

This sounds like something out of a movie and I’m sure Hollywood is jumping all over the idea. One of Brian Wells’s coworkers was found dead of an overdose the next day, but police don’t know if it is related yet.