Open Mic Recap @ The Fire

4th and Girard seemed a lot closer this week. Adrien Reju, Sarah Allen and I stopped by the Fire’s open mic last night featuring San Francisco’s John O’Brien. O’Brien played 4 or 5 pop-folk songs including the fun, “Ghost Projection Machine,” a song about love, fear, and how those Scooby Doo ghosts look so real. John Francis played an awesome couple of songs accompanied by a violin player. I liked the guy after John, too, but I didn’t hear his name. Sarah did two covers including a great version of Coldplay’s “Shiver.” I subjected the audience to a slightly modified “99%” and one of my older songs, “Thesis.” I thought Thesis sounded like a good title for a song when I wrote it in 1996, but now I think it sounds too important. It needs a dumber title. Adrien played her new song, “Balls of Fire,” and mentioned some other song shared the title. I couldn’t tell if she was joking or if she meant a song other than Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire.” A cool title for a song could be, “Mostly Insignificant Balls of Fire,” but I don’t know if Adrien should use that for her song. While she played an old guy in the back started plucking the strings of a broken piano and for a few seconds I wondered how the heck Adrien was making those notes.

That night I came home to a nice power outtage and this morning my computer said the CPU needed reconfiguring. Luckily, it worked ok once I poked around in the BIOS for a minute.


3 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Fire”

  1. I liked big guy and little guy, but the Johns were awesome. The second one kind of sounded like Jakob Dylan.
    Thesis is a kick ass song! You should do it more often.

  2. So they were both named John?

  3. I dunno maybe, I just didn’t know what to call him. =D