Filthy Critic DEAD?

Please say this isn’t true. Today I checked out my favorite movie review site, the Filthy Critic, only to find this message.

The Filthy Critic was killed in a bicycle collision late Thursday night.

He died the way he lived–wobbling aimlessly in the slow lane.

This could be Filthy’s sick way of ending the site and so far I haven’t seen anything about it on other sites. Filthy’s site lists his favorite reviews and favorite reviewed films, so you wonder if he already had these lists made before he died. hmmm…. The last movie he reviewed was Gigli, which could explain alot.

Update: Thinking about this today, Filthy was more of a character than a real person, so maybe just the character is dead. Still, the idea of Gigli being his last review is still sad.


3 responses to “Filthy Critic DEAD?”

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    Yeah, I was shocked to see the thing about Filthy being dead, too. I check him out every Monday. I could sense in his last reviews, though, that he was getting tired of writing reviews. Plus, he’s probably an alchoholic. So maybe he came up with the perfect “Hollywood Ending” to his career to avoid writing anymore. You never know. I hope he really isn’t dead, but rather just wrote himself out of his own script. Maybe he’ll come back later. They say Jesus will. But I don’t think we’ll confuse Filthy with Jesus if one or the other comes back. Still, it would be interesting to get Jesus’ takes on current cinema. Hmmm.

  2. Mel Gibson plays Jesus in an upcoming film, so maybe Filthy will rise to review it.

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    Oh God NO!