Great Touring Thread

Origivation’s message board has a great thread on how to put together tours on your own.

If a bunch of 17 year olds can book their own tour, get in a van and drive, why can’t most of you? I do realize that some bands on here have done it, but the majority of you seem opposed to the idea that something like that can be done before you’re handed that record contract from the industry rep waiting in the crowd at the GSP. And playing four differnt clubs in the tri-state area doesn’t count.

Eric from Cottonmouth DN responded.

I’m guessing your question is basically retorical…

But I think it’s a good topic.

I think there are a couple of reasons that a lot of bands don’t get out there and tour:

1. Ignorance
Many bands don’t realize that booking and playing a tour is possible for unsigned or independent acts. They figure there’s some kind of special technique or secret code needed to make it happen. Well… obviously that’s not true. And not a suprise, either. There’s a whole world of options out there that a lot of bands will never experience because they just don’t realize they exist. Kinda sad.

2. Fear
They’re just scared to do it. I mean, the idea of venturing out into the unknown for shows without a net and no “definite” draw (of neighbors, friends and relatives or whatever) scares a lot of bands. Playing shows like these means you have to impress people who don’t know you and have never seen you before. You actually have to prove yourself to a new audience. If you’re not confident in your music, this is absolutely frightening.

3. Laziness
Anyone can tour… all you have to do is book shows and then play them. No big frickin’ secret there. You just get off your ass and do it… It’s just like booking shows at home… only you do it in other towns. You have to be somewhat organized and willing to be uncomfortable for periods of time. It means putting out a concerted effort to book shows in a geographically sensible way (so that you don’t have 1,000 mile drives between shows) and spending time looking for places to play in other towns. Basically, it means you have to WORK to do it, and a lot of bands just expect to have everything handed to them.

Most bands don’t realize that signing with a label isn’t an automatic passport to the easy life… They don’t understand that there are no free rides. They’ll either learn, get burned or never get close enough to ever find this out firsthand.

The thread goes on with tons of great replies from bands and club owners/bookers.