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well, this will be the 2ND time ive chimed in about g love. some friends and i went to the festival peir at penns landing to see g love,311,and something corprate. well to my suprise i liked something corprate,and 311 ive seen before , but it was the first time i saw g love with special sauce. i have seen him with his side project lottery. anyway. the place was hoppin,and everyone in the joint had a smile on their face.when was the last time you went to a rock concert and saw everyone smiling.i have to say ive been to alot of concerts but this one was one i will never forget.g love and the sauce is one of the most underated,best kept secrets,bands out there.if they played their music more in public places like shopping malls or even just put the on the god damm raido their would be alot less crime and violince in the world. but ya know what? i kinda like it this way. just so the raido dosent plat the hell out of their songs.well until next time—(phillywhizz)


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  1. Thanks for submitting this. I like some of G-Love’s albums, but they’re much better live. I’ve seen them a bunch of times and I’m not sure why radio outside of philly ignores them. Their stuff is mainstream enough that most people would like it.