Soda, Polls, and Throwing My Back Out

Thursday morning I woke up with some pretty bad back pain. I haven’t figured out whether its related to the open mic yet or not, but all I know is that I’d test off the charts for acetaminophen right now and I still have to walk funny.

It looks like you guys like the new poll already. I’ve always wondered about whether the abbreviation of microphone should be Mic or Mike. I always thought it was Mic, but some recent examples persuaded me (bike is short for bicycle) to believe otherwise. What do you think?

Congratulations to anyone who realized there never was a President Thomas Johnson in the last poll.

In a recent post I mentioned my personal soda ban. The ban started over a month ago and so far it’s been fine. Somehow I came across this rant and I fear I may be turning into the author’s friend.

I’m very much against water. I remember the good old days when no one drank it.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not. I’m dead serious. Think back to elementary school. “I’ve got a Squeeze-It!” “I’ve got a Squeeze-It, too!” “I got a Coke.” “Yoohoo for me.” But Bobby, Bobby wouldn’t say anything. He would look a little sullen when he peered into his paper bag. “What do you have, Bobby?” “I’ve got water.” The conversation went more or less dead silent, and we tried to be polite because, let’s face it, Bobby’s family had to be poor. No one liked water. It tasted like nothing. In fact, it was worse than drinking nothing, because you felt like you were wasting your time with the whole experience.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, there was this huge “be healthy” movement. Everybody tried to cash in on it.


2 responses to “Soda, Polls, and Throwing My Back Out”

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    It’s mic it will be mic ,and that’s that.the GW arguement.

  2. We could pull a 1984 and say, “it’s open mike. It’s always been open mike.”