Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

The vast majority of the sound problems disappeared this week, probably thanks to a big NO TAMPERING sticker on the sound board. There were still a few glitches here and there, but everyone sounded great overall. The crowd wasn’t quite as large as the previous two weeks, but it was still very busy.

1. Ben Garvey – I played “All my Dreams are in Cartoon,” in E instead of A and I liked it although I messed up some of the words at the end. I also played “The Genius of it All,” and the Pixies’ “Mr. Grieves.”

2. Pat Rich – He played good sets at each end of the night. I talked to him briefly and he mentioned a quest to add more guitar work into his songs and rely less on power chords. I like songs with more than just power chords, but not just for complexity’s sake. I doubt that was his only reason, so he should be fine. I liked the first song of his second set alot, but I’m starting to wonder if Pat and his friends are really this serious all the time. Lighten up!

3. Tom Faust – Cool name. He also gets the award for the most ripped jeans of the night. His acoustic put out a lot of bass and it sounded good with his voice. Roz had fun tripping this guy out with digital delay.

4. Matt Winn – The amazing martian guitar hypnotist. Supposedly Matt had the show of the century a few weeks back at Full Circle Records, but no one was there to see it. I saw his setlist for tonight and I asked him to mention some song titles, but I migt as well have asked his dead tuner. Matt doesn’t give out his song titles to just anyone. I remember one from the list was something about ants.

5. Tony – The song about not having to grow up to be President reminds me of my times in DC. Down there politics is a spectator sport.

6. Every Other Thursday – Remember when I mentioned a few “glitches?” 3 mics, 4 different guitars, and 4 people on stage presented a challenge and Roz figured it out by halfway through the 2nd song. Every Other Thursday is a good group. Their singer has an awesome voice and I’d definitely like to hear them again without feedback.

7. Roz King – Once again came through with a dynamite solution to a sound problem. The sound board is behind the counter, so we can’t always prevent the loud boom you get from plugging or unplugging a guitar. Roz brought in a cord with a mute switch built right in. I know some people I wish had a mute switch built right in. Roz’s cover of “Good Night Irene” closed the night.

8. Willie Tapps – It’s fun to see people listen to Willie for the first time. He’s a born entertainer and always sounds excellent.

9. Eric and Mike – The two coolest kids ever. Their combined age is only 31, but how many open mics feature guitar, violin, hammer dulcimer, and some metal piccolo looking thing, much less in the same act? I heard the week I was away Eric used an electric guitar with a distortion pedal. I’m sorry I missed it.

10. Katie and Aaron – Did a Ben Harper cover and a few other songs. Katie claims she couldn’t hear herself, so hopefully she’ll sing again before she leaves in a couple weeks.

11. Dom – He probably plays open mics more than anyone in south jersey. Whatever Roz did with the sound system for Dom’s set, it sounded great.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. See you next week!