South Jersey Band on the Warped Tour

My sister told me about these guys. Some of them went to my high school, so it’s nice to see them succeed.

The next time you’re eating near a table of young men at a South Jersey diner, just think: You might be sitting next to an up-and-coming group of rock stars.

That’s what regulars at the Silver Coin Diner in Hammonton may be able to say in a few months. A little over a year ago, two young men from Hammonton and two from Sicklerville began meeting there to talk about their band, The Early November.

Because of their frequent visits, vocalist/guitarist Ace Enders, guitarist Joseph Marro, drummer Jeff Kummer and bassist Mike Klemash are now greeted with a familiar nod and “hello” from the diner staff.

Read the rest of the article. The next time you’re checking out the latest rock stars, you might also be seeing the next up-and-coming diner waiters.

The Silver Coin is a good diner, but it has nothing on Geets.