Apple of Discord Recaps the Open Mic

A third recap of the Tree House open mic was posted by James of Apple of Discord:

after nelson beat me 147-137 in a spirited game of nba live 2003 – we were neck and neck until virtual nolan and virtual matt missed two easy buckets that led to a seven point swing – we went to collingswood nj to check out open mic night at the tree house, hosted by our friend ben garvey. usually open mics are an anathema to me but this was pretty cool. i played a song from the jazz odyssey catalog, then nelson and i did a cover of ida’s ‘little things’ (he was dan, i was liz). nelson closed out with two of his newer elocine songs. in general, it was a very talented group and i highly recommend checking it out on wednesday nights at 8:00. there’s a guy who gives out cash money for answering trivia questions (that are later broadcast on his radio show) correctly. i made two bucks for “nagasaki” and “1953”, the latter of which being completely incorrect.

I think all musicians should post something about every gig they play, even if it’s just an open mic. I’ve written about every gig and open mic I’ve been to for a little over a year now and I think it has helped me get to know a lot of people in the scene. Hopefully I won’t look back on it as a waste of time.


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    In the spirit of this post, I will post a gig I did with my old band Powder Monkey, like, 100 years ago.

    The date: September 23rd(?), 1993. The venue: The Cave, in Manassas, Virginia a club some dude and his 1000 year-old-mom ran (I kind of remember this because it was Rosh Hashanna, and our Jewish singer got a lot of crap from his mom about playing that night). Rousing renditions of “Plush”, “I Wanna Be Sedated”, and a bunch of other cover songs filled the air (my favorite of the night; “Pretend We’re Dead”). A dude broke his arm stage diving during our set (he jumped, everyone moved). We were really impressed that we got a free pitcher of Coke. I first realized the sexual magnetism a guitar player possesses when I got to meet some chicks that were friends with the other lunkheads in the band (got to date one of them for a brief period of time).

  2. Your flyers should have called it the Rock Hashanna Extravaganza. One of these days I’ll convince you to set up a blogger site and go nuts with it.