Keith Lewis: Why Play Guitar?

Local musician Keith Lewis wrote a piece for his website on why people start playing guitar and how likely their success will be. His definition of success isn’t being a famous guitar wizard, but rather being a halfway decent player.

“Many aspire, few attain.” That very old saying rings very true for those in pursuit of greatness in music. People see a well oiled performance and thing, “My God! I want to do that.” What they do not see are the hundreds of hours of study and playing to try to get it right. If you want to pursue music, I applaud you. But to be even better than average, be prepared to put it some work

Personally I started playing guitar when I was 16. My dad has played forever and looking back it seems kind of stupid that I never asked him to teach me how to play earlier, but according to Keith’s analysis I probably wouldn’t have been ready anyway. I think Keith left out one very important reason for learning to play guitar and that is getting chicks! I can’t be the only guy it worked for. Read the rest of Keith’s analysis here.


2 responses to “Keith Lewis: Why Play Guitar?”

  1. I play the guitar to let my hands have the acoustic conversation they’ve been waiting to have for 20 years.

  2. Are your hands having conversations with each other or with other people? I know a few people who talk to their hands…