Grooveground Part III

With all the free advertising I’ve been giving Grooveground, I guess I should mention their anninversary party on June 21 on Haddon Ave. I just found out Apple of Discord and Girl Upstairs will be playing at 12:00 noon. I’ve known a few guys from AoD for a while now, but I’ve never actually heard their band live, so I’ll try and stop by.


3 responses to “Grooveground Part III”

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    I agree their CD selection is bad. Case in point…..
    Grooveground was involved in a Major Deija vieu for me today.
    So I happened to come across this site earlier today which still had my old band’s CD for sale (I played drums). I hadn’t seen the thing in a long time. Later I stopped in at Grooveground, and there it is AGAIN right in the front of the CD rack staring me in the face. Selling for $1.99!!

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    Sorry ben –
    its John Shaughnessy
    thought youd recognize my handwriting

  3. I found a friend’s band’s CD in an antique store once.

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