Beck Injured at Field Day

Fresh off his awesome Philadelphia show, Beck was set to play the Field Day concert in North Jersey with Blur, Radiohead, and the Beastie Boys. After watching Coxonless Blur from the side of the stage, some idiot bouncer gave Beck a nice shot in the ribs and put him in the hospital, which is surprising because you’d think Beck was a little tougher than that.

walking off the stage, a large rather muscled out dude swung around and bodyslammed me in the ribs. it knocked the wind out of me, then I realized my ribs were all swollen. they had a medic check it out and he told me I had to go get an x-ray. unfortunately this was right before we were going on. it turned out to be a bad contusion. by the time I got back the beasties were on and we’d missed our slot. I was fairly guttered but still wanted to try to come out and attempt an acoustic song or two. there was much confusion and back and forth. ultimately it was not to be, even though there was a 40 minute break between bands.

Sounds like Beck was pissed about missing the show. It kind of reminds me of the time my brother punched me in the chest and I stayed home from school, except I wasn’t going to get paid whether I went to school or not.


2 responses to “Beck Injured at Field Day”

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    For some reason, picturing Beck getting body slammed is kind of funny. They should have a “rematch” where Beck dresses up in a super hero cape and mask.


  2. And his costume would say “rock me” across his chest.