Avergating Your Parents – Part 1

I was a little weird as a kid.

Recently I unearthed a self-help style audio tape I made when I was about 5 years old called “Aggravating Your Parents,” except every time I said “aggravating” it came out “avergating.” With the wonders of modern information technology, you too can now learn the secrets of

Avergating Your Parents – Part 1

Look for Part 2 tomorrow.


7 responses to “Avergating Your Parents – Part 1”

  1. Okay, that is really weird. And I think you were quite a bit older than 5 when you made that tape…

  2. Possibly. I’d say 5-7. I barely remember making the tape.

  3. Despite the fact that I am still laughing at that and seriously considering making audio files of the ridiculous tapes I have of myself from early elementary school, I think you might have some serious problems.

    More than 5 people “avergating” at a time? Seriously, what kind of logic is that? But my favorite is that you go from explaining how to effectively “avergate” your parents to immediately explaining how to “take a hit”, the best way being to “duck”.

  4. All I have to say is, wait until part 2.

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    That’s awesome , I love it I have insite now.Thanks Roz

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    Ben, I loved hearing that little voice from the past. It brought back a lot of memories. Thanks.
    Your favorite Aunt :-}

  7. Somone should have punished me for not making Part 3.