Beck @ the Electric Factory

Beck apologized for not making it to Philly with the Flaming Lips, so I guess I’ll have to accept. His show tonight was a flat out amazing mixture of his 10 year catalog. He’s changed so much from that “Loser” guy, which was tonight’s show opener. Many songs in the set were retooled with different beats and speeds, and Mixed Bizness came out great.

Devil’s Haircut is still the best Beck live song ever, and this show will mark the first time I’ve ever heard Beck play “Lord Only Knows,” a song that stuck a mixing spoon into my brain 6 years ago and swirled things around. If Nelly’s “Hot in Here” wasn’t played out enough, Beck had to go and cover it for the Hollywood Freaks. “Do You Realize” by the Flaming Lips was also covered.

If you haven’t checked out Beck’s tour journal yet, you should. Here’s a quote from a radio station concert in Boston:

it was our second big show as a band. you are usually thrown onstage in these situations without any preparation. its something akin to trying to light a candle in a wind tunnel. I think we might have freaked some people out with our white shoes, tight pants and gyrations. there was a stronghold of backwards baseball cap jocks in the front giving me the finger continuously. it was like they were holding a testosterone vigil with their fingers as candles to our compromised manhood. believe us, our manhood was very intact, even in our tight pants.

anyway, we escaped unscathed with a 7 hr. bus ride to philly and cheese steaks waiting at the other end.


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  1. “stuck a mixing spoon into my brain 6 years ago and swirled things around”

    Man I was more tired than I thought last night.

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    great recap, cheers