I’ve lived in Collingswood for about a year and a half now and I just found out today about the Grooveground Coffee Bar at 647 Haddon Ave. Evidently they have music, film showings, poetry, etc. and seemed like a pretty interesting place when I ran by there today (yes, I ran today for the first time in forever. I’ll probably be hurting all week or at least tomorrow). It doesn’t look like Grooveground has a website, so has anyone been there?


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  1. You know, ten years ago when we were in high school and the soundtrack from Singles was the greatest thing ever, if we wanted to know more about something like a coffeeshop we would walk in and ask about it. It’s kind of frightening how we now rely on the web for everything now. I don’t think I even have a copy of the Yellow Pages in my house. “Let your fingers do the walking…” Takes on a different meaning now…

  2. Actually I did go in there, but I was a sweaty mess.

    And thanks for the cringing realization that this fall will be ten years since my freshman year of high school.

  3. sarah Avatar

    I go there pretty frequently…mostly because I am lazy and it is a block away, but also because of the food (where else can I get hummus on haddon ave?) and inexpensive cds.

  4. Oh they sell those CDs? I don’t know why, but when I briefly stopped there it seemed like the CDs were just for the customers to listen to.

    In restrospect that sounds ridiculous.

  5.  Avatar

    they’re having a Grooveground Day in Collingswood 6/21/03 sounds interesting- check this out –


  6. Yeah, I read about it in the Collingswood free paper. That’s how I found out about the place.

  7. Well this weekend while watching The Breakfast Club, I realized the movie is coming up on its 20-year anniversary. Now that’s just frightening.

  8. I never saw it until 97 or so.

  9.  Avatar

    I run from all things hip ,They scare me.Roz

  10. Glad to hear you’re alive. By how much you were coughing last week I thought you’d be dead by now.

  11. This is why I like you! You’re one of the people that would never say I look like Molly Ringwald!!

  12. I think the first thing I saw Molly Ringwald in was the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand”