Adam Brodsky’s 50/50/50 Plan

Philadelphia Anti-folker Adam Brodsky has a master plan to get listed in the Guiness Book of World Records or at least get interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered. After giving up on past record attempts of pogo-ing and eating strange objects, he’s decided to be the first solo performer to play 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days.

if you’re really and truly an american, you and i share the same lingering childhood desire.

To be listed in the Guinness book of world records. is there anything more american than that exalted dog-eared little paperback? Yes i know its actually created, compiled and published in the UK, but when it comes to the records concerning the human body and dumb stuff done with said body, quite frankly we colonists own that part of the book.

anyway beginning on august 3 and ending 50 days later, i will do something no other solo performer has ever lacked the good sense to do.
i will play 50 folk music shows, in 50 states, in 50 days.
i will limit myself to one show per day, cause playing 4 shows in maine, New hampshire, vermont and massachusetts and then taking the weekend off would be a puss move.

anyway i wanna invite you onboard. whether you are a fan of mine or folk music or a corporation desperately in need of writing something off before the end of the fiscal year, or a venue or just somebody who cant help but stare at a train wreck. there is something here for you in these 50 days. i assure you.

Now would be the perfect time for Puerto Rico to vote for statehood. Read more about the tour. I could have sworn some singer-songwriter chick did this already last year, but I’m sure Adam would have researched that ahead of time.


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    I checked it out…why does his itinerary seem all ass-backwards?Alaska to Oregon to Nevada to Hawaii? Oh well, it’ll just make it cooler. I’m disappointed that Adam has neglected the U.S. territories; American Samoa, Baker, Jarvis, and Howland Islands (all uninhabited, but he could play there anyway), Micronesia, Guam…..

  2. You forgot Iraq.