Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks @ the Troc

I’ve always kind of liked Pavement, but I never got any of their albums until a few months ago. So far I’m really impressed and feel dumb for not getting into them sooner. My friend Kevin is a big fan, so I went with him, Adam, and Melissa to see Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks last night at the Troc and they were awesome. Adam asked me what my last concert was and I couldn’t remember. If you don’t count local shows the last one I went to was the fairly bad y-100 feastival. The acoustics are terrible at the First Union center and they should cancel everything but Hockey and Basketball. Before that I saw Vanilla Ice at Brownies 23 East. hah. What’s wrong with me?

Last night I ran into a few cool people like Gwen Hesser and a guy who used to come into the Living Room every once and a while, whose name I forget but I remember he’s a web designer and a Pixies fan.

If you can catch the Jicks on this tour, do it!