The Living Room = Tree House Coffee Shop

I drove past the Living Room today and it looks like they’re changing the name to the Tree House Coffee Shop. I have no idea whether someone bought it or the owner just changed the name, and still no word on whether they’ll ever bring back their open mic. They still have Christian open mics on Thursday and Sunday. You can check out their new website here.

I saw the Matrix: Reloaded on Saturday and it rocked. Still no real explanation on why the machines need humans (the energy storage theory in the first movie has to be wrong), but I came out of the movie very satisfied with how its going. Don’t believe the reviews saying it’s all action without any plot. It’s no more action than the first movie and it hasn’t been dumbed down at all.


4 responses to “The Living Room = Tree House Coffee Shop”

  1.  Avatar

    Wow, figures it would only be after they’ve canceled the open mic night that they get a web presence. Maybe theryre really affiliating themselves with Christian Music now . I understand that Collingswood the town, has a strong Christian history.


  2. It’s packed every time I drive past the Living Room on Thursdays and Sundays, so it makes good business sense for them, too.

    One interesting fact I learned in High School is the reason Collingswood is a dry town is because of Knight’s park. The Knight family donated the park to Collingswood on the condition they stopped serving alcohol. If Collingswood ever changes that policy, they must give the park back.

  3. sarah Avatar

    My friend talked to the new owner…they are reviving the open mic. I was ecstatic to the point of screaming out loud in the middle of class.

  4. Awesome.