Shaughnessy on the Harper’s Pub Open Mic

John Shaughnessy recently attened the open mic at Harper’s Pub in Clementon, NJ, home of some of the area’s most dangerous roller coasters.

Well, Clementon, NJ is not exactly my neighborhood, but I actually met myfolks (yeah, M & D) at Harper’s Thursday for some wings and beer, and to play some songs at the Open Mic. There was a nice crowd of people hanging out, but hardly any performers. I enjoyed myself there and got to play a really cool, extended set. The performance felt good, but I’d have to say the crowd seemed to really groove most to some of the classic-rock cover-songs churned out by the open mike’s host on his electric guitar, backed up by pre-recorded bass and drum machine (sing ~ Swee-eet Home Alabama!) Hey what do you expect? There in the shadow of Clementon Park, tastes are maybe less, um, sophisticated than Philadelphia, or even Collingswood, for that matter. Nevertheless, I did my thing – doing my best to inject a little raw emotion into the entertainment for the roomful of chain-smokers. And it turns out there’s actually a contest going on there too. The night’s best performer is dubbed the “winner” and gets to compete in May for the prize of 6 hours free studio recording time. After I finished playing, I talked some with the host. He was pretty cool. He took my name and number, saying I might just end up the winner. (woulda been no great feat, since besides the host, the only other “performer” I saw by 11:00 was a guy who sang a “karaoke” version of “American Girl” while drinking a beer). Who knows, Elvis may have showed up after I left and taken the prize, but I actually expected a call-back. However, it’s quite possible that the napkin that I wrote my info. on ended up as pocket lint.
Played: Let’s Rob a Bank
Calling Heaven
Don’t think Twice, its All Right
Wild World
Just Like Heaven
Better Be Home Soon
Brown-eyed Girl (dad’s request)