Philly Music Awards

You can vote online for your favorites in the Philly Music Awards. I wonder how the nomination process works. I know part of the nominations are done by people turning in ballots at local venues, but these have to be stuffed by people who work for the bands or are in the bands themselves. Hopefully venue owners and journalists covering the local scene had some input. I also think they should have separated orginal bands from cover bands. It’s too difficult to compare the two and if the cover bands want to be considered for their original material they should be allowed to do that. I once heard a cover band at Brownie’s 23 East play their original song, “Brotherly Love.” Surprisingly, it sucked. I don’t hate cover bands as a rule. My friend’s cousin is the singer from 39 Mariner and they’re pretty good.

You can also vote for the Origivation Orgy Awards, but only for boring things like Best Studio and Best Producer. They completely eliminated the fan vote from the other categories.