Upcoming Show at the Living Room with Roz King

The Rev. Roswell King, host of the Living Room open mic, has asked me to play during the break of his show on Friday, April 18th at the Living Room. This means I’ll probably play from about 10:00 – 10:15 PM. The show starts at 8:00PM with another local artist (not sure who yet) and Roz going on at 9:00PM. Roz plays a brand of authentic, backwoods folk that you can’t help but like.

If you come out you’ll also be able to hear my new song, “99%,” which I’m starting to like more and more. See you there!


6 responses to “Upcoming Show at the Living Room with Roz King”

  1. Probably won’t be able to make it that night, but I did note where this Living Room place is on the way to this past Saturday’s Phoenix Trap gig at Three Beans Coffee Co. in Haddonfield. I’ll try to stop by some other time you’re playing.

  2. The Wednesday open mic there has been pretty good lately.

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    Hey This is Roz I’m sorry people in internet land but I forgot to to give ben the correct information.And without correct information there can not be peace for my brothers.The Famous Ben Garvey will be playing in the Heart of My SubRural home Beautiful Downtown Sunny(except we are playing under the cover of darkness it has to do with the rotation of the earth) Mount Holly ,New Jersey at The Daily Grind on Washing ton and HighSt. Just go to the heart of Mount Holly and look for the Coffeehouse at the end of High St.
    Long Live Elvis

  4. There used to be another coffee shop way back called the Daily Grind. My old band played there a few times. It was in the middle of nowhere next to a strip club.

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    It was in Browns Mills ,It was also closed because of alternative income programs

  6. I’m not surprised.