Open Mic Recap @ The Grape Street Pub

I feel guilty. After Peggy Miller’s set last night at the Grape Street Pub open mic I asked her how much her CDs were selling for.

“$15,” she replied to my amazement.

$15? For a local starving artist’s CD? Local bands should sell their CDs for $6 or LESS. Instead of explaining to her my moral objection to paying $15 for a CD, I feigned not having enough money. She offered to sell it to me for the low, low price of $10, since she didn’t have any change anyway. So here I am, buying a CD for $10. I feel like I haggled her down with misinformation, but maybe that’s countered by the fact that I still feel like I overpaid. Not that the CD is bad. I just don’t like paying $10 for a CD.

I have only ever had two complaints with the Grape Street Pub.

1. Their bathrooms are horrible.
2. They charge $3.50 for a Yuengling on a Monday freakin night.

Well, you can cross one of those off the list. No, they still have the crapper with no stall and keep the bathroom door wide open, but now from 9:00 – 11:00PM they have nightly drink specials. Monday nights are $1 Yeungling bottles! Whoever brought that up at the last business meeting deserves a raise and a $1 lager from me every Monday.

Those of you who weren’t at the open mic last night missed a rare opportunity to catch the infamous Leroy Montana before 1:00AM. He did “We Got to Think Like One Planet” and “I Hate Everything” and another song about how Pluto is the suburb of Earth (I think that’s what he was talking about).

The spotlight guest was Gina from Stygian Veil. I saw her once before and she is fantastic. If you like the piano player chick genre you’ll love her and even if you don’t, you can’t help but like her live.

I played my new song “99%” and “I Hope I Die on the Moon” and I think it went well. Nocturnal Noise was recording the open mic and they let me listen to my set. I really liked what I heard, although my voice sounded a little higher for some reason. I think I sing weird sometimes to compensate for different EQ levels. I’ve been meaning to see what Nocturnal Noise can do, and I don’t have a recording of “99%” yet so I figured it was worth the $35. If they turn out good I’ll post the songs here.

I enjoyed a lot of the artists there last night including Peggy Miller (the woman I bought the CD from), Tom (don’t remember his last name, but everyone likes this guy), and Keith Lubrant.

I checked out sound man Mike’s Anime night again and there was some crazy stuff. In one cartoon there were about 6 high school girls living in a dorm with their shy, nerdy, male dorm manager. The dorm manager seemed about their age and he was in love with one of the girls. He spends the whole episode competing with the coolest guy in school for the girl’s affections, although the girl knows none of this because all the competing takes place in a virtual fantasy machine. Finally, the girl disses the stud and takes all her friends including the dorm manager to a brand new amusement park. This makes the dorm manager so happy he accidently grabs the girl’s boob and for that he gets punched through a window. Hah.