Topic Envy

My initial topic for this post was to name my top ten favorite albums. I wrote out the first 7 or so and realized my top choices were

  • Too famous
  • Too similar
  • Released in a relatively short period of time

That’s horrible for someone who claims to be musician.

I listen to all sorts of stuff, but when it comes to something that sparks the most neurons in my brain my tastes seem limited. My knowledge of music history feels sporadic and incomplete. It’s as if my favorite movie was Forrest Gump, but I couldn’t get into Citizen Kane.

On another note, I’m using Mozilla 1.4a on my home computer now and it rocks. Goodbye pop-up ads. Check out how good it looks with a theme I installed, too.

There’s a funny thread over at the Origivation message board about the local philly band Noosphere appearing on Judge Mathis.

The episode was taped several months ago. It was a real court case and regards our beloved music scene. I for am looking forward to seeing it.

Read all about it.

After reading this, I just have to say that Microwave popcorn is the devil… and not in a good way. That smell has to be exorcised from a room.


2 responses to “Topic Envy”

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    Ben, having been your roommate through most of college, I can say honestly that your tastes were not as narrow as you think. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

    Burt Bacharach, Styx, Slayer, Rick James, Christopher Cross, Gilligan Manson and Helter Skipper, the Dixie Chicks….you were a walking cut-out bin.

  2. Bastard. Just because I had a dream about Rick James once doesn’t mean I’m a big fan.

    At least I never had “It’s Raining Men” stuck in my head.