Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under felt subdued again this week (except for the first 5 minutes), although you can tell Nate’s marriage is getting as annoying for him as it is for us. Lisa’s character doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go, but this week’s theme was nervous breakdowns so maybe that’s a hint. Catherine O’Hara is great as Lisa’s bitchy boss who specializes in making Lisa her bitch. Of course, SFU makes sure Claire isn’t happy for more than half an episode. Some people think she’ll eventually come out of her shell like Ruth finally did, but Claire has been given a dozen opportunities to do so and always clams up with one huge exception. Putting the severed foot in Gabe’s locker was awesome, but she hasn’t been pissed off at anyone like that in a while. Most of the time she’s thinking about herself and how her life sucks. David and Keith got the best scene of the week when Keith found out via baby monitor spying that his irritible bowel syndrome was a well discussed topic between the Fisher brothers.

The more I think about this episode, the more I like it.