Few things I’ve seen on the Internet are as bizarre as the goal of Paul “Freck” Morgan, owner of

On August 24, 1986, Paul Morgan’s life was forever changed. He was in an accident which left him paralyzed.

Since Paul is on Medicare/Medicaid, his insurance will not cover the amputation and new prosthetics because it is not deemed a necessary procedure. Paul also receives medical disability and his Medicare plan does not even cover the cost of his catheter bag. Paul doesn’t want to fight a no-win battle with the insurance and medical communities in the United States.

Paul and his friend, Kevin Nicholson, came up with the idea to charge internet access and cut off Paul’s feet on the internet. By charging a small fee for the webcam access, Paul will raise the money he needs for the operations, prosthetics and rehabilitation.

That’s right. He’s cutting off his own feet live on the net using what else? A homemade guillotine.