High Tech Meets Fast Food

Despite my reluctance to step inside one, life brought me to McDonalds the other day. Even though McDonalds had its first ever loss this year, the “restaurant” on Route 38 in Mt. Laurel displays their menus on High Definition Plasma Screens. Instead of physcially changing their menus to accomodate new items and special deals they can probably program it all ahead of time. Ads ran alongside the menu items for their sundaes, burgers, salads, etc.

One advantage of the new technology is wiping the breakfast menu off the screen once lunchtime hits, making more room for ads or non-breakfast items. It was easy to read and looked fantastic. I wish I had a pic to show you, but I didn’t have my camera on me.

On the music front, I haven’t been able to get out recently for various reasons. I am working on a killer cover of Nirvana’s “Serve the Servants,” which I might try at the Living Room this Wednesday.