This text marks the 100th news item published here since I started the site on June 17, 2002. Here are a few interesting facts from the Stats page:

  • 63.57% of you use Internet Explorer and 11 of you actually use Lynx
  • 70.72% of you guys use Windows, 4.805% use Macs, 3.64% use Linux, and one brave nerd uses OS/2
  • The most popular time to visit this site is between 8:00-9:00… AM!
  • You can tell which days other people (not me) slack off at work and read the site. Mondays and Fridays are by far the most popular days.
  • You know what’s crazy? A full 70% of the traffic since June has come during February and March. March still has 25 days left.
  • The best day ever on the site was February 28, 2003 when 1993 pages were viewed and only 14129 have been viewed total since the site opened.
  • Number of times I have been called a “fucking loser” in comments: 1
  • Most people I’ve ever seen visiting the site as guests simultaneously: 240

So far I like how the site is evolving and I hope it makes it to 200 soon.

By the way: Get well Julia!