Weather, Columbia, RSS Feeds

Despite the rain I’m relieved the cold left. My car was so covered in salt that deer came out of the woods to lick it. I like snow as much as the next guy, but when temperatures of 35 and up are considered nice weather I’ve had enough.

The Columbia disaster was a terrible setback for NASA and I hope we can use this example to look at alternative space transportation. I heard a few people on the radio this week trying to “put this into perspective,” giving statistics of deaths around the country on the same day that received little non-local press. Although many others died that day in car wrecks, starvation, old age etc. (including someone in my own family), a tragedy like the Columbia is a reminder that our advanced technology and innovation can still fail. Carelessness and monotony usually cause accidents, none of which are characteristics of the space program. We put the brightest minds to work and still couldn’t bring back the seven people we sent out into space. Does this mean we should give up or stop trying? Of course not. The answer is that we try harder.

On a lighter note, I’m glad to see CNN is keeping the public informed.

Last Friday I caught Tommy Conwell and Mutlu at the Grape Street Pub, but I liked the 2nd band the most. I can’t remember their name and my efforts to track it down have been foiled. I think they said they were from DC.

I’ve been experimenting with RSS feeds lately, so you might see a block appear on the left every once and a while with some links in it. The standard PostNuke RSS block is horribly broken, so I’m working on my own.

I leave you today with a great link, filled with amusing news stories and killer photoshop contests: The infamous