Are You My Mother?

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with someone over IM who thought I was his mom. It illustrates the dangers of not memorizing the usernames of your loved ones. In retrospect, I wish I had played along with it longer.

Edman725: hi
GarveyB: hello?
Edman725: look now
GarveyB: do I know you?
Edman725: yea
GarveyB: how?
Edman725: mom its not from london
Edman725: GameLoaded, the UK based online games and hardware site where you can read Mafia reviews by GameLoaded staff and customer comments of Mafia. Buy Mafia from GameLoaded and receive FREE UK standard delivery – the price you see is the price
GarveyB: that’s funny that you think I’m your mom
Edman725: shut up
GarveyB: that’s it, you’re grounded
Edman725: mom
GarveyB: you got the wrong person. I’m a guy from New Jersey, not someone’s mom.
Edman725: soory

It looked like he was trying to get permission from his mom to buy the game. I hope he gets it.

I skipped the Living Room open mic last night, but I’ll probably go next Wednesday. I like how the Living Room’s Website is winning the poll so far.

For some odd reason, it seems google likes to link to the printer friendly versions of my pages. And here I thought someone was going through and printing out my articles for some nefarious plot to overthrow me.

This site is a threat to national security.