New Computer

This is the first message I’m posting with my new computer (check out the specs). I ordered all the parts from and put them together. This is the first PC I built myself, so I’m just happy to have it up and running.

I haven’t been out to any open mics lately, but I’ll make it around to at least one next week.

Here’s a plug for my friend Jason Wheatley: He’s playing at the Living Room on Friday, January 21st at 8:00PM. I meant to mention Adrien Reju’s gigs last week at the Perkins Art Institute in Moorestown and 3 Beans of Haddonfield, but I didn’t get a chance to. If you voted for the Time Machine in the new poll, try and make it out to those shows, too.

The previous poll was a landslide and nowayscoob was one causing this avalanche of land. Somehow their recently released debut album, Nowayscoob’s Greatest Hits, removed the pants off of mainstream media picks from the White Stripes, the Flaming Lips, and Beck. A full 60% of you think nowayscoob is 3rd coming of Christ and I admit, I did play “What Would Jesus Do”, the board game, during one of their shows.

The new poll is all about looking ahead and wondering what would be the coolest technological improvement we can expect to see in 100 years. If you don’t get the joke, The Living Room is a coffee house in Collingswood that has live music 7 days a week and no web presence whatsoever. Other than here.

A thread in the Origivation message board has devolved into a discussion if I’ve turned into a whiny bitch or not. Sounds harsh, but that’s how 90% of the messages over there end up.

I leave you tonight with an amazingly obsessive collection with almost no useful purpose: The Condiment Packet Musuem