Imposes 3 Song Limit

Arghhh! I’ve been a long time user of and despite all the changes they’ve made in the past (slow song approvals, paying for premium placement, etc.) I was shocked to get this in the mail:

“After January 31, you will not be able to display more than three songs on your Artist page. If your page displays four or more songs, it will automatically default to display the three most recently uploaded songs. If you have a lot of songs you’d like displayed all the time, consider joining the Gold Service which offers a 100 song maximum.”

I have my own website but I use to host my MP3s because of the features it offers (easily searchable among other artists, automatic low/high fi playback, more exposure), but I can’t see how I’d continue using them now.


2 responses to “ Imposes 3 Song Limit”

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    Man, that really sucks. I set up my site a few months ago and was pretty psyched about it. Oh well, if you hear more about alternatives please post.

  2. I’m just glad I finally set up this site last summer. I haven’t used any other music hosting services, but I’ve heard that IUMA and Ampcast aren’t bad. The good thing about using was that I could mention it at a show and everyone knew right away what I was talking about.