Open Mic Recap @ The Grape Street Pub

Count me among the fans of Jeremy Hollis. He went on early last night at the Grape Street Pub open mic and I remembered seeing him a month or two go. His website is worthless, but his music isn’t. His acoustic guitar / harmonica combination reminds me of what I like most about good folk artists, a sense of a real person up there on stage. Most of his choruses come from the harmonica and do exactly what a good instrumental chorus is supposed to do. He’s playing upstairs tonight at the Grape Street Pub’s Tuesday Night Music Club.

As is the case with a lot of shows, I missed most of the performer’s names. Calvin James, Keith Lubrant, and the singer from Quick Step John all played. I missed Maria since she was so far down the list, but her friend Tom was awesome. He just landed his first gig, so if someone reminds me of where/when it is I’ll post it here.

Tom Gillam usually refers to me as the “Punk Rock Poet” of the GSP open mic and that’s ok with me. I did “The Genius of it All” and “Why Now Satan?” and my arm was killing me afterwards. Last night I heard Tom say something as I left the stage about how I had a good name and then all I heard was “Ben Garvey: Male Prostitute” Sometimes I think Grape Street pays him in alcohol.

I upgraded this site’s version of Post Nuke and it fixed a few annoying bugs that were hanging around. The last thing I need to fix now is the weird alignment issues in pages that aren’t wide enough.

My MP3 link now points to a page here and no longer to My bandwidth will probably go up a bit, but I wasn’t using nearly what I pay for anyway.

If anyone else wants to submit open mic recaps or reviews, please do so by using the submit news link. I’d love to see some additional contributors.

Today’s link is a great time waster: Guess the Dictator or Sitcom Character. I still haven’t been able to really stump it on a character yet. Some of my better attempts were Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazard, Cheetara from Thundercats, and Marilyn from Northern Exposure.