Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

The drought has ended. I went to my first open mic in about a month and it went pretty well. I even trotted out a new cover of the Pixies’ “Mr. Grieves.” It wasn’t perfect, but I think I can iron out the kinks. Roz and Keith both played great along with Cathy who is home from college. I think her voice sounds even better now than it did last summer. Roz did a depressing cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” that I enjoyed, but I liked the fact you can buy a Roz King lunch box even more. Two guys I went to high school with were also there with their band, “Wait.” Hopefully they’re waiting for a new band name to come along, too. They weren’t too bad though, and their singer has a good voice. I finished my set with “Why Now Satan” and “I Hope I Die On the Moon.”

According to Kopie is in town so that must be pretty damn exciting to 64.29% of you. You can probably catch them at the Living Room in Collingswood, NJ or the Carribean Crab in Oaklyn, NJ or both on Wednesday.

I was doing my wash today and (I’m not lying about this) a lady quickly walked into the laundry room saying she “forgot to add the fabric softener.” If she started worrying about ring around the collar I would have lost it.

I picked up a new book to read called Entanglement. It’s all about quantum physics and the scientists who came up with the theories. So far I love how it gives a mini biography on people like Heisenberg, Von Neumann, Einstein, Bohr, etc. The actual physics part is very easy to follow since the author reexplains the same ideas and concepts from several different angles.

If you haven’t seen the movie Ghost World yet, I highly recommend it. Thora Birch and Steve Buschemi are flat out awesome.

Lastly, I’d like to let you in on a great website for finding the best and weirdest the web can give you. specializes in keeping you up to date on articles and news you won’t find on CNN.