Who Wants $20?

Record companies have long been screwing music fans and there is a class action lawsuit to prove it. Here is a quick summary: The record companies have been artificially fixing prices for years and to correct that they agreed to give anyone who bought a CD between 1995 and 2000 a payment worth up to $20. How much money you can get is determined by how many people fill out this form. The dollar amount they’ll lose is already set, so if only a few people claim payment we’ll each get $20. If ($20 * number of claims) > total payout then the payments start to drop down a little. If they get lower than $5 each than the whole payout plan is scrapped and they donate the money to some sort of music related charity. Although you’ve probably bought dozens of CDs during the claim period, each person can only file once. I know exactly what I’m going to buy with my $20.

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2 responses to “Who Wants $20?”

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    Reminds me, I’m still waiting for my check for the class action settlement claim I filled out against Milli Vanilli for buying their record – REALLY.

  2. The real crime is that you actually bought their CD.