We’re really heading into the future now. I’m not going to write about how we should have flying cars or jetpacks by now, because it’s nearly impossible to guess what the future is going to be like. What inventions would I most like to see? How about a cure for Cancer, cars powered by Fuel Cells, and quantum computers? Each one would affect a few billion people on this planet. Despite all the negative dot-com press I think the Internet is maturing. Right now it’s doing what it does best: Providing a way to reach a large audience with minimal overhead.

I haven’t been to an open mic in a few weeks now and I should really get out sometime soon. I have just been so busy lately with Christmas and New Years.

Also, I’m getting MARRIED! Over Christmas I got engaged to the best girl in the world and I couldn’t be happier. I bought the ring online at Blue Nile and she loves it. I’ve spent so much money at that place, but I’ve been 100% satisfied every time. We’ll be getting hitched around the Summer of 2004 and hopefully we’ll be driving in a Fuel Cell powered limo.


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    Congrats, Ben!
    Hope to see you at the open mike soon. I went last week to TLR and there was a good crowd.


  2. Thanks John. I actually made it to the Living Room open mic tonight.