KO’d Computer

Just missing it’s fourth birthday (about 90 in PC years), my computer finally gave up on me. I came home last weekend and it’s familiar hum was missing from the conglomerate of background noises. I tried to bring it back, but so far all attempts have failed. It won’t turn on at all, leading me to believe it’s a power supply issue (the fuse is still good, I checked). I could always go out and buy a new power supply, but I’m not 100% sure that’s the problem. The hard drive was fine and I already backed up all my important files. I had a good run with my computer and now I feel bad I never gave it a name. I even gave my stone age laptop a name to identify it better on the network. I call it Bokonon after the character in Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle.” The laptop was given to me a few months ago and it works fine for basic web stuff and easily connects to my wireless LAN. Maybe I should start a tradition of naming my computers after Kurt Vonnegut characters. Kilgore would be the obvious choice for my next machine, which brings me to my next topic: I guess I should buy a new damn computer.

I have been putting off the new computer for a while now. My old one was a Pentium II 450Mhz, 128MB RAM, and an 11 GB hard drive. Pretty modest considering the time I spend on these things. I’m going to biuld my own machine rather than buy a pre-made box, so I know exactly what I’m getting and can leave myself plenty of room to upgrade later on.

I went to the First Union Center last Sunday to the Y-100 Feastival. I liked Queens of the Stone Age, Zwan, and Coldplay, but the sound at the FU Center is just terrible. I’ll never pay $40 to see a show there unless…. yeah make that never. I had a good time hanging out with some friends, but we could have done that at the Oaklyn Manor and played shuffleboard for less than $40 each + $10 parking + $3 bridge tax.

I stopped by the Living Room tonight on my way home from Christmas shopping and caught the end of Maria’s set and a few songs by Willie Tapps. A few summer regulars were there, including Matt the guitarist who claims a slight following down at the University of Delaware.

Whoever keeps voting for Nowayscoob in the poll should come clean. They currently dominate with 70% of the votes. Justin claims it isn’t him, but hopefully he read the fine print that says “lying about poll votes gives the devil a two year lease on your soul following your death with an option to BUY” and believe me, he always buys. The option is just there to make you think you have a chance.