What Would Nowayscoob Do?

Justin from nowayscoob emailed me on Friday and wanted to know if I could play a few songs in the middle of their set on Saturday night at the new Port City Java in Deptford, NJ. I’ve heard this coffee house has open mics on Thursday night, but I haven’t checked them out yet. I showed up at PCJ a little early, so me and my guests checked out the board games they had. It was no contest once I saw they had WWJD in board game form. The game consisted of questions like, “On the playground a boy says his dad is the strongest dad in the neighborhood. What would Jesus do?” It gives you three choices, and in this case the wrong answers were “Call the boy’s dad a weenie-arm” or “Organize a neighborhood arm wrestling tournament.” Great stuff.

Nowayscoob played great and did a bunch of originals and covers including, “Stuck in the Middle With You,” “Where is My Mind,” and the “Stray Cat Strut.” They’ve definitely come a long way since the first time I heard them in Kevin’s basement. I did two sets; one in the middle of their set and one at the end. I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon”, “Why Now Satan?”, “The Genius of it All”, Beck’s “Cut in Half Blues”, “16-18”, Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”, Gomez’s “Get Miles”, and “I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body.”

My halloween costume ended up being a guy struck by lightning, which required burning some of my clothes. It seemed well received.

As for my Internet connection, I finally figured out what was causing the problem. My Linksys wireless router was casuing intereference that messed up my cable modem even when my router was not connected to anything but power. Seperating the modem and the router solved the problem completley.

This is definitely one of the creepiest things I’ve seen online in a while.