Happy Halloween

Sadly, I didn’t work hard enough on my top choices for Halloween costumes, so you won’t be seeing me as anything from the poll. I do have a pretty decent costume lined up, but I have to finish working on it today at lunch time. Hopefully I won’t burn down any buildings in the process.

Last night I went to Haddon Heights High School for their “Coffee House,” where high school musicians get up there and play for their friends. Events like this are awesome for students, because a lot of times these gigs can be a kicking off point for bands. I know of a ton of groups who got together solely to work on the school gig and ended up doing at least a few out in the area afterwards. It’s a great experience. My favorite act of the night was a group that did only one song. The singer stood up to the mic and said, “This next song goes out to all the ladies” and a guitar started playing a familiar tune out of nowhere. I thought for a second, “this kind of sounds like the batman theme,” and suddenly I see a huge shadow of the caped crusader shoot up behind the band. “Batman!” said the singer. Out pops a guy in a batman suit, playing the batman riff on guitar while the singer yelled “Batman!” whenever he was supposed to. Eventually, a feud started brewing between batman and the singer on how long they should actually keep doing this.