King of Prussia @ Nodding Head

As I mentioned earlier I caught my friend Jay’s new band King of Prussia. I was really impressed with their sound, especially considering 3/4 of the band had either joined or switched instruments in the past two weeks. If I had to peg them to a sound, they remind me of Fountains of Wayne, but good. I loved how their songs were extremely short. Most never made it past two minutes, despite rally monkey interuptions. The band following them rocked as well, but their name escapes me. This was my first time at the Nodding Head Brewery and I liked it. Try the Harvest Ale and you too will fight sleep all the way home.

My home network is now wireless, and I can already feel the radiation flowing through my brain. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but my Internet connection seems a lot slower. It could also be my brain. I’ll have to do some tests to confirm that.