Medeski, Martin, Wood, and 24 Years on Earth

Last night I caught Medeski, Martin, and Wood at the Electric Factory. I had my tickets at “Will Call” and we waited forever in line to get them. I don’t even understand why they call it “Will Call” either. It should be called “Pick up Tickets” or “Don’t Buy Them Because You Already Did, Remember?” We finally got in and the guy checking IDs into the bar looked at my license about 50 times and then asked me what my date of birth was. “Tomorrow,” I replied. I’ve been getting carded everywhere these days except for liquor stores. At least I haven’t been getting carded for R rated movies anymore.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood sounded great and played forever. We started getting tired so we left, but couldn’t find a cab. We ended up walking to the high speed line from the Electric Factory in the pouring rain, so that was fun. Tonight I’m going to see my friend Jay’s band, King of Prussia, at the Nodding Head Brewery. They go on at 10:00PM if you want to check them out. What I like is that Jay was wearing this New York sweatshirt the last time I saw him and we also used to be janitors together.

Someone once said to me, “24 years ago you made me a mom” and that is truer today than it ever was. My dad keeps thinking I’m 25 for some reason. Slow down there.