Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

The place looked deserted when I walked into the Living Room tonight, but ended up turning out ok. The few in attendence at 8:30 seemed to enjoy my 4 song set, which included “Why Now Satan?”, Beck’s “Asshole” (notice the proper location of those quotes), “The Genius of it All,” and the requested “I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body.” I was pretty surprised to hear it called out (thanks John), since I don’t think I’ve ever played that song at the Living Room. I guess some people actually are listening to the MP3s. In fact Roz listened to them enough to tell me the recordings sound “flat,” and I would agree but they also said that about the Earth.

The night picked up later on with good performances by Keith Lewis, Roz King, John Shaughnessy, Justin of Nowayscoob, and Dom from the Courier Post. Justin spent a half hour tuning his guitar before his set and broke a string three chords into his first song. He’s been playing great lately. According to him, my cover of Gomez’s “Get Miles” is better than the original, but I definitely disagree there. Their album, “Bring it On” is possibly the best album ever made that shares a title with a cheerleading movie.

On Saturday I went to see the Kelly Bell Band at Grape Street, but I was blown away by their opening act, Brother From Another. If you ever get a chance to see theses guys, do it unless you are one of the following:

  • An old lady
  • Young, but with the musical tastes of an old lady
  • Deaf


2 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room”

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    Hey Ben,
    I had never heard "Lesbian" but I read that title here, as I’ve been browsing around a bit. I thought it was a great tune too. I hope my percussion (banging on the tin can chess box) was good accompaniment.
    Hang in,

  2. John,
    Thanks. I liked the stuff you were doing last night, too. Your voice reminds me of the guy from Collective Soul when they play their lighter stuff.