Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room: King Roz

This my first time checking out the Living Room open mic since Jason left. Roz(well) told me to say anything bad I wanted about him presumably to improve his skills as the new host. Overall it was really good night of music and even featured a few new artists which hasn’t happened in months. Roz wanted some feedback, so here it is:


  • The night went smoothly. There were only a few times where the setup took too long and most people seemed pretty prepared to go on.
  • The artists were great. I don’t know if Roz had anything to do with getting out some new people, but I liked them a lot.
  • Roz did a nice job of introducing everyone and making them feel welcome.
  • Thanks for giving out my web address so much.


  • I went on first and the sound from the monitor sucked. Whenever I can’t hear my guitar I tend to overplay and wear out my left hand pretty quickly. I could hear my voice ok, but it could have been a little louder. It sounded like Keith Lewis had the same problem at first, too. If someday I can sing as loud as Melinda this won’t be a problem, but that’s not going to happen unless I get some sort of electronic amplifier implanted in my throat. That would be awesome.
  • Promote the Living Room schedule a little more. I don’t think Roz even mentioned the Monday night open mic, much less the Jesus open mics on Thursday and Sunday. Tuesday is Jazz and Friday & Saturday are for prominent local arists.
  • Don’t push off the decision to let Willie play another song on to the audience. If you’re the host you can make those decisions yourself.

Most of these are easily worked out after a few shows and are just my opinion anyway. Did I mention there were a ton of great artists there last night? Regulars included Roz, Keith Lewis, John Romeo, Willie Tapps and myself, but a few newcomers made the night stand out. Gina played a terrific three song set and promoted her upcoming gig at Fresh Fields(?) in Philly. I asked her if they made her call out the price checks, but she said this was her first time playing there. I don’t have the exact date or location, otherwise I would post it. Her friend Forest also did a few good songs and he’s playing 3 Beans of Haddonfield in Novemeber (it’s right on Haddon Ave). Even though it’s really close by I’ve only been to 3 Beans once, but I liked it. Kelly from the evidently huge trio 3 Stories High closed out the night with two originals and “Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel (side rant: Do you know how much Peter Gabriel is charging for his upcoming show at the Tweeter center? You don’t want to know.). I thought it was pretentious when Kelly referred to herself a “ringer” at the open mic, but I have to admit she was pretty damn good and according to their website, so does XPN’s Michaela Majoun. I have to give the night’s best performance to Melinda who sang three great covers, including “At Last” by Etta James. I think I’ve seen Melinda in the Living Room before, but I definitely never heard her sing. Like I said before, it would take futuristic bio-technology to ever put me at her level.

One new duo I haven’t mentioned yet, Dave and Miria, (Update: Forget all of this. The song is called “Let Me Be” and I just need a bionic ear along with the voice enhancer. You can hear Dave and Miria this Tuesday night at Mokas in PA next to Drexel University and Universtiy of Penn. It’s open mic 8:30-1AM)

Willie Tapps told me I look exactly like someone who works at Guitar Center, except he has a long squared off goatee. With no chance of growing anything remotely considered a goatee, I’ll have to resort to fake facial hair to execute my plan of snagging their employee discount for myself. Willie suggested I tell them to take it out of my paycheck. Muhahahaha.

Beck is playing Leno tonight so check it out especially if you haven’t heard his new album yet. He still hasn’t announced any Philly dates for his tour with the Flaming Lips, but I’m sure he’ll make it around here.


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    Hope you don’t mind I share the following.
    Wow Wednesday sounds a lot better attended than Monday at TLR (let’s call it that). I showed up at 8pm w/ my daughter at her first open mike (she’s 5). It was empty save King and Scanlon and maybe 4 onlookers.
    But you know what, I like Roz as a host as much as Jason. He’s a good guy too. I was amazed that my daughter felt comfortable enough to accompany me on bongos and to come up and sing "Twist and Shout" with me (then I couldn’t get her off stage). I played 5- 6 songs I think since no one was waiting, which was good. All in all a good night despite the sparse crowd. I’m sure Nora won’t forget her first open mike. In case you care to check it out here is a very lame website I just opened. I just wanted to own my own domain name so I bought it for $8.95. (note: 65 of the 70 hit counter hits are my own) Be sure to sighn the guestbook. If I ever get something interesting up, maybe you can likn me.

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    sorry dude the line she said was ”let me be” not let it be….and yes the beatles were the greatest band ever but they stole song titles as well….yesterday,from me to u,p.s i love u,some other guy? all titles from earlier composers

  3. Doh. Looks like I stand corrected. Forget everything I said.

  4. Just signed the guestbook. That’s cool that you had fun with your daughter at the open mic. Monday has been a ghost town lately and Wednesday is usually more popular.