Beck on the Tonight Show

Beck appeared on the Tonight Show last night playing “Lost Cause,” one of the best from his new album, Sea Change. Stripping the song down to a lonely guitar and vocal arrangement sounded great and it made me jealous of anyone who has never heard Beck do anything like this before. He’ll probably sell an extra 100,000 copies of Sea Change just from last night. I understand I probably sound like a greased up fanboy right now since Beck is my favorite artist, but wait until my full review of Sea Change. I won’t pull any punches on what I think about it (overall, I’ll let you know right now: It’s awesome, but no album is perfect). If you want to hear Beck today, XPN’s World Cafe is interviewing him. Check the website for times. If you haven’t heard Sea Change yet, you can listen to the whole damn thing on if you sign his mailing list. Still no Philly tour dates for the Beck/Flaming Lips tour.

Jerry Seinfeld also appeared on the Tonight Show and at the end Beck asked Jerry about Ted L. Nancy. If you haven’t heard about the Seinfeld / Ted L. Nancy conspiracy, read on. I actually bought one of Nancy’s books for my dad one year as a gift and it was hilarious. Jerry looked pretty unprepared for the question and replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Then, he said Nancy was a fictitous character, but denied it was him. A friend of Seinfeld’s perhaps? All signs point to yes.