Open Mic Recap @ The Grape Street Pub

I hadn’t been to the GSP open mic in a while, but I had to go to check out Lea. I thought she was awesome 4 years ago when I used to hang out at her open mic at DC’s Soho Coffee and Tea (near Dupont Circle), but she’s even better now. She’s playing at The Fire on Wednesday at 10:00PM, so check her out. Adrien, Paul, and Greg all made it out last night, too, but Greg decided to forego playing for sleep when he found out his slot was late in the evening. He probably doesn’t mind since he has a gig upstairs on Tuesday, October 22. Y-100 hosts a Tuesday Night Music Club at GSP every Tuesday and it’s a sought after slot, so come out and support Greg Dress.

Adrien and Lea both played great (the overall sound of the night was kind of muffled, a rarity at Grape Street) and I also liked some of the new people I saw. Greg Roth from a band called The Jillians was pretty good (I love his website, too) and so was one of the guys from Haywood Trout. The singer of Stygian Veil did a couple of great songs and of course I always like hearing Leroy Montana who did his hopefully world famous “Don’t be a Jerk.”

I checked out the latest issue of Origivation (Lquid Cloud 9 on the cover) and saw they did a pictorial of the GSP open mic and had pictures of a few people I’ve met including Calvin James and Mark Lancaster. Too bad I wasn’t there that night, but I guess I can draw myself into it if I want.

I ended up going on at an insane 1:45AM. I played my recently remastered song that I’ve been playing a lot lately and people were actually dancing to it. I really need to settle on a title for that song, because I hate having to explain here which one it is.

If the power goes off in my apartment again I’m going to have to invent some sort of new personal energy source. I understand not much can be done about storms, cars hitting poles, sneakers hanging from the wires, etc., but the power has gone out 4 times in a month due to problems in my building.


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    hey ben-
    you must be a web programmer, look at this place. all the fixins!

    thanks for the plug, it was good meeting you. maybe next week, i’ll trek out to The Living Room to check out that scene. all in all, i was quite happy with my first appearance at the GSP, not so much musically as getting to finally meet some members of the scene.

    sorry i wasn’t there late enough to see you play. i owe you one.

    greg roth (of the jillians)

  2. Yeah, I have done a bit of programming in my life. I can’t take credit for all of this, since most of it is straight PostNuke ( ).

    Thanks for checking out the site.